DLIHE’s Impact

The Global Impact

The Institute is the first of its kind in the Tibetan community in India and as well as the World. The Dalai Lama Institute for Higher Education embarked on its special mission of providing the Tibetan Youth with programs in MA, M Phil and Ph. D in the year 2013 to raise the benchmark of education for the Tibetan’s in exile. The first batch of graduates from the Dalai Lama Institute graduated on the 29th of June 2016. Today, we are pleased to introduce our young leaders well equipped with life skills, to the Tibetan society and the world at large -and our thanks go to all our volunteers and faculty both from India and abroad who have made it possible.

Since its inception, it has been a hotspot for visiting scholars and learner’s alike from across the globe. It has drawn volunteers from all over the world and India to enrich its academic programs.  The institute has conducted a series of workshops on ‘ Buddhism in the Modern World, According to Mr. Deane Curtin, Professor of Liberal Studies, “the students at DLIHE receive a world-class education and the Institute plays a central role in educating young Tibetans for meaningful lives as service to others in the 21st Century”. Designer and co-teacher of a core ethics course based on His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s book ‘Beyond Religion’, Mr. Deane Curtin continues to share and support the DLIHE’s aspiration to educate the whole person, not just the intellect.

Though the Dalai lama Institute for Higher Education stands strong in brick and stone, within the confines of a fort five-acre campus in rural Bengaluru, its impact is global in dimension.