Scholarships and Fees

TCV scholarships are tenable only for full-time, regular courses that are approved by the TCV Scholarship Policy.

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Tibetan Children’s Village (TCV) provides full scholarships to the TCV wards who are enrolled at The Dalai Lama Institute for Higher Education, Bangalore. The TCV Scholarship Policy Committee may also, from time to time, announce specific specialisation scholarships based on merit, and open to any bona-fide Tibetan student in keeping with the needs of the organization and the Tibetan community at large.

TCV scholarships are tenable only for full-time, regular courses that are approved by the TCV Scholarship Policy. After completion of one’s study or training, a scholar under TCV Scholarship must give a status report in writing to the TCV Scholarship Program Office so that the scholar is relieved from higher studies scholarship enrolment, and for possible placement within TCV or in the Tibetan community in exile.

DLIHE Scholarship & Merit scholarship Policy Related Matters:

  1.  A candidate will forfeit his/her scholarship if he/she gets less than 50% aggregate. Any student failing in a particular subject or placed ER category, the scholarship will not be renewed.
  2. If a candidate of regular courses does not meet 85% attendance requirement of the institution but meets 75% Bangalore University attendance requirement, he/she will pay his/her own examination fee.
  3. A Specialized Program candidate’s attendance requirement is 85% under the regulation of the University. A candidate who does not meet 85% will be considered dropped from that course.
  4. A candidate with less than 75% attendance in any one subject in regular courses will not be allowed to take exam in all the subjects, which means he/she is considered failed and will repeat the semester. For repeat period, a candidate will not qualify for scholarship from TCV for that semester.
  5. To encourage and motivate students, merit scholarship of Rs. 10,000.00 will be awarded for students obtaining an aggregate 85% for regular programs and 90% for specialized programs each academic year.
  6. In case a student withdraws from the college before completing the course, he/she will be asked to refund the tuition fee, eligibility fee, registration fee and examination fee (if paid) to the University by the institution.
Fee Structure – Monthly basis
  • Fees are charged for 12 months of the year.
  • Fees are payable either in full or in two installments, due in January and July.
  • Payment must be made on time.
  • Payment may be made either in cash or through a bank draft in the name of the Dalai Lama Institute for Higher Education, Bangalore
  • All students may register for TCV Mutual Health Insurance.


For all matters regarding Scholarship, please contact the Principal