Our Educational Approach

When no question clicks in the mind, it is a sign that the mind is dormant and asleep.

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Learning is all about having a questioning mind and questioning everything! When no question clicks in the mind, it is a sign that the mind is dormant and asleep. While in class, our students are encouraged to have the confidence to ask questions and seek answers to their satisfaction from their teachers, and if a particular teaching method is not working for them, they should have the initiative to request the teacher to change teaching methods and suggest ways to learn together.

We encourage the students to initiate educational, cultural, sports, creative activities that they feel will enhance their learning and growth. This is a core value that we are working on so that our students participate in programs that they feel will help them. We try to develop a sense of freedom to create educational programs or course while they are here. Help them to internalize their own values and make a difference with full understanding of their skills and competencies.

One of the goals of the institute is to provide a holistic education to the students. And, in extension of this goal, education is, in a sense, all about widening ones perspectives and experiences — intellectually, physically, mentally and socially. Besides the academic content of the curriculum, this work experience will provide a holistic dimension to their learning, and will give them an understanding and appreciation of dignity of work in any form.

Therefore, the opportunity to initiate community services through programmes both by staff and students will be offered through the academic year. Any faculty, staff, and student may sign up to take responsibility for such programmes. The frequency of meetings, time and activities will be left to the discretion of the members. Certain services in the campus will be offered to the students to manage and run and due recognition for such services will be awarded. And, this idea blends well with our award of recognition and prizes. The basic philosophy is to recognize achievement and effort by the students in the institute