Facilities and Opportunities

The Institute facilities include boys and girls hostels, food services, campus-wide wi-fi, library, egranary digial library, work-sutdy programs, games and sports facilities.

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The Institute facilities and other opportunities include:



The Dalai Lama Institute for Higher Education believe that hygienic and friendly accommodations add to success in academic fields and in living a healthy college life. The Institute has developed standard hostels for the students during their studies at the Institute. Hostels here provide an ideal home away from home.

There are separate hostels for men and women, supervised by a warden and a matron respectively. Generally there are four to a room, however during the final year where possible two seniors share a room. The rooms are well furnished and spacious, with 24-hour water, electricity, and Internet access.


The Dalai Lama Institute provides medical services to its staff members and students as per TCV’s medical insurance policy. All minor services are taken care of by the Resident Nurse at the Institute Health Center. In case of major problems or emergences, patients are taken to the Raja Rajeshwari Hospital, which is only 10 minutes drive from the campus.

The Institute invites doctors from the Mentse-Khang branch at Bangalore for those patients who prefer Tibetan medicine.

The Institution also provides special diets for needy and hospitalized students. All the TCV wards are given free medical services.


Meal time at the DLIHE Catering CentreThe Institute has its own Catering Centre. The Catering team provides three full meal services each day to all students and staff members who join the mess facilities.  The meals are clean, fresh and at a moderate rate. Everyone can eat their fill. The Catering Centre is the hub of the Institute where you can eat, socialize, and access wifi.


At the moment, the Institute has a moderate canteen facility which is run on a contract basis.  It provides food, soft drinks and tea. The place is also used as a recreation centre by students, with a few indoor games facilities.


The Institute gives importance to sports as well as education. Living a healthy life is an important lesson that the Institute tries to impart to the students.

Currently, the Student Council organises all games and sports events in the campus as after-school activities. The Institute has standard football and basketball grounds, and select college teams in these events. Tournaments with other colleges and institutes are also organised.

Indoor games facilities like table tennis, chess, and carom boards are provided at the hostels. Students are encouraged to engage in daily exercise and games to keep themselves fit.