The administrative bodies of DLIHE

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The DLIHE has a forty acre campus and is basically a resident Institute.  It provides comfortable resident facilities for students and faculty members. DLIHE has well planned infrastructure and very qualified faculty members to run the programs. Its programs are unique and a rarity in the world. The following Councils and Bodies help in its planning, development and management process. The DLIHE has a Governing Council, Academic Advisory Council, Managing Council, Academic Council and the Examination Committees who meet periodically to discuss policy and the Institute’s regulation matters.

Administrative Structure

TCV Governing Body

This is the apex legal body responsible for the affairs of the TCV Organization in keeping with its mission statement. The CTA Education Kalon (Minister) is the Chairman, appointed by His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

TCV Executive Council

The policy decision-making body to guide the Head Office generally and more so in the matter of finance and project/program developments.

TCV Head Office

The Presidential Office is the central hub of the organization with executive power for overall responsibility to oversee and ensure the smooth functioning of all TCV units with necessary coordination, monitoring and evaluation on a regular basis.

DLIHE Managing Council

Managing Council is the apex body for Academic Policy decisions. As per the Memorandum of Understanding, members comprise of officials both from the University of Mysore and the DLIHE as follows:


1Honorable VC– Chairperson
2DLIHE Principal– Member Secretary
3Registrar (UoM)– Member
4PEMB (UoM)– Member
5Syndicate member (UoM)– Member
6Director, Outreach Program (UoM)– Member
7Chairman, BoS, Specialized Program (UoM)– Member
8President (TCV –Head Office)– Member
9Vice-Principal (DLIHE)– Members
10HoD-Tibetan Department (DLIHE)– Member
11HoD- Chinese Department (DLIHE)-Member

Note: A managing Council of not less than eight will comprise its quorum

The institute Governing Council: This council emerged with a resolution of the Executive Council. It functions with the chairman and the Principal of the institute as the member Secretary. The TCV Head Office nominates the other members from within TCV organization and without- with an eye on external experts.