The Management Committee

The Management Committee consists of the Principal, Heads of Academic Departments and other administrative section Heads. The Principal chairs the monthly meetings. Issues of management, finance and all campus related matters are discussed and resolved in this meeting.

The Institute Academic Council consists of the Principal as chairman and heads of departments and other teaching staff members of the DLIHE. The council is responsible for deliberating on all academic matters such as the framing of academic policies, approving courses, syllabus and assessment and evaluation schemes.

Board of Studies for Specialized Programmes:  The members of the BoS constituted by the University of Mysore will prescribe regulation and syllabi for various courses, review syllabi, and work within the assigned academic work of each department.
Board of Examination for Specialized Programmes:

Members of Panel of Examinationmembers

The BoE is responsible for:  Making Question Papers prior to which the following must be ensured and verified

Examination Committee of the DLIHE

All HoDs and 4 other members are selected in each academic year from the general staff body.

This Committee under the Chairperson of Vice Principal will be responsible for conducting all exams related with the University of Mysore.