Staff Welfare Committee

The staff working in the institute elects members to the Committee. The Chairman of the committee is a member of the Management Committee.


  1. Help staff members in times of illness and difficulties.
  2. See that the staff members uphold the Staff Code of Ethics and Rules and Regulations framed in the Staff Notebook.
  3. Settle staff disputes that harm the harmony of campus life.
  4. Represent the staff and forward cases of complaints and grievances of staff to the Management Committee
  5. Maintain records of staff guests and visitors as per the given rules.
  6. Administer the Staff Welfare Fund and ensure its proper use.
  7. Collect a nominal charge of Rs.10/day from the Guests of staff who stays more than a week. This charge is not applicable to parents, spouse and minor school going children of the concerned staff.
  8. Main minutes of the meetings and submit a report of the activities each semester to the Management Committee.
  9. Organize Welcome/ Farewell parties for the faculty.