World Mental Health Day: 10th Oct, 2022

DLIHE Counseling Cell under the initiative of Campus Counselor successfully wrapped up the celebration of World Mental Health Day. It was a collaborative half-day program with Ms. Lavanya Kaushal, a certified psychologist and a dance movement therapist.

With the theme “ Make Mental Health and Well-Being for all a global priority” for the year 2022, the day’s events were all in alignment with it.

A range of programs like digital art competition, sharing prompt, video screening, student’s takeaway from learning ofBuddhist text: Bodhisattva’s way of living and few activities like creative movement and human scavenger hunt marked the day. The freebies: stickers and bookmarks distributed on the day are a token of memory for the day and reminder to take a break when you need, open up when you need help and most importantly, love yourself despite the flaws, scars and imperfections.