The Most Ven. Khen Rinpoche Geshe Lobsang Samten Rinpoche la, Abbot of Drepung Losel Ling Monastery, Mundgod, visits DLIHE on Lhakar 1 December 2021

We were honoured and delighted to receive a visit from The Most Ven. Khen Rinpoche Geshe Lobsang Samten la, as also for the opportunity for him to address all staff and students, delivering a lecture on, “Daily Life Practice“. In the 2-hour programme, he delivered a tour de force, framed around the Lojong practice of “one at the beginning and one at the end”, referring to setting up proper motivation at the start of each new day and inculcating a habit of dedication at its close, and everything else one ought to engage with in between on a daily basis. Memorably, The Most Ven. Khen Rinpoche Geshe Samten la said if one did not serve His Holiness the Dalai Lama, it was meaningless to be born a Tibetan! He also spoke about His Holiness’s fourth commitment of reviving the ancient Indian wisdom traditions, during the course of which he referred to Jowo Je Palden Atisha’s journey to Tibet, and drew parallels with DLIHE’s present Principal, Dr. Kaveri Gill, being an Indian as well. Dynamic, erudite, engaging, humorous and deeply devoted to His Holiness, Khen Rinpoche Samten la held the audience enthralled with profound words of wisdom and skilfulness. A thangka of Arya Manjushri / Jampe Yang was offered to him on behalf of all students and staff of DLIHE, with a request to return often, as well as to foster an ever greater number of collaborative efforts in the MoU between DLIHE and Drepung Losel Ling Monastery.