Talk on Digital Divide and E-Governance

Professor Murali B. L., Department of Computer Science, Bangalore University gave an inspiring talk on Digital Divide and E-Governance at 11 a.m. today. The talk was organized by BCA department and was presided over by Principal Dr. B. Tsering.

Professor Murali presented a brief overview on Digital India Programme and its implications on the Indian scenario. He also touched upon the nine pillars of digital India: Broadband Highway, Universal Access to Mobile Connectivity, Public Internet Access Programme, E-Governance, E-Kranti-electronic delivering of service, information for all, electronic manufacturing, IT for jobs and early harvest programmes.

Professor Murali also spoke on the challenges of digitization of India and the potential of a digital India in bringing positive impact on society. He also made various references to the Tibetan community in exile and suggested how Tibetans can maneuver the digital media as a tool to further our movement and culture. He also pointed out shortcomings in digitization of contemporary Tibetan terms and books noting that Google translation doesn’t facilitate Tibetan translation when it in fact is as old as or older than the other languages available there.

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