The Student Council and other Student Bodies organized the following student related activities in the third week of April adding life and colour to the campus life.

April 18, 2015

The Student Council organized a debate in Tibetan between the Men’s and Women’s hostels on the topic “The loss of Tibet’s sovereignty was basically due to the Tibetan themselves.” Ms Lhakpa Dolma, currently a BA 1st year student was the winner of this debate.

April 20, 2015

Ms Depo and Dawa Tseten of Tibetan Department organized the Second Spelling Contest in Tibetan Language. Dawa Tseten had collected over one hundred and seventy eight words from various books that he felt every students should know and be able to spell correctly as they are most frequently used word, idioms or phrases in the Tibetan language. Dawa’s aim is to enrich Tibetan vocabulary and improve spelling skill among the students. Mr. Tashi Dhondup was declared the best speller of the year!

April 25, 2015

Talent Nite: Braving storm and all sorts of mishaps, the Talent Nite organized by the Student Council was a success. It was ironically a true talent night – it reflected the will and determination of the organizers, the zeal of participants and the revelation of a true new talent – the birth of a new star in campus – Ms. Kunzis. Thank you everybody for the fun and the joy of the evening.