Tibetan Democracy Day

September 2, Tibetan democracy day was celebrated with a special program by BA Department. A panel discussion on ‘Democracy’ was held. Student representatives for each department expressed their views on democracy .This was followed by a three member panel discussion hosted by a 2nd year BA student, Sonam Palden. The panel members were Dr. B. Tsering, Principal and sitting MP, Mr. Karma Sither, lecturer, History & Civics and Ms. Norzin Dicky , lecturer; Public Administration. Each panel member expressed their thoughts on democracy based their expertise and experience. Q&A sessions were added bonus. BA student choir also presented the Mangtso –langlu.

Student Exchange Program

The Student Exchange Program for the first year students of the Institute was held on 8th September. All the first year students went to SBRR Mahjana First Grade College at Mysore. There were four groups; BA, B.Com, Tibetan Department, and BCA.
The program started with a tour of the Post Graduate campus at 9 am. The main event was at Mahjana First Grade College. After a warm reception function, students got the opportunity to audit the classes relevant to their own subject, explore the school’s library, reference section, labs, etc. In the afternoon the students had an opportunity to interact with the College principal. This was a very special moment. Students gave first hand feedback about their trip and the experience. Students also performed some cultural dances of Tibet for the faculty and Student Parliament.
The program ended with a friendly football match. The match ended up in a tie. However, the host was kind enough to award the trophy to Guest Team. For the First Year students , this trip was a breath of fresh academic air.

A Photo Exhibition

A Photo Exhibition titled, “The Exiled Children of Tibet” by Tsering Topgyal was held on September 10 at Conference Room. It was about the Tibetan exiles who haven’t met their parents and seen their homes since their separation from each other. It was very moving and powerful as many could easily identify with the situation.

Saturday Movie Nights

Every Saturday the college holds movie nights. Invictus, Jurassic Park and Freedom Writers were screened in September. Students thoroughly enjoyed these movies. There are more to come……

College Basket Ball Team Selection

On 15th September, 2015, college basketball teams for men and women were selected by the Student Council. Mr.Ngawang Dorjee and Ms. Dolma Tsering were the main selectors.

Saturday- Co curricular Activities:

On Saturday 19th September, Student Council organized an event where students shared their experiences of the various education tours and student exchanges. Two representatives from each department shared their views and feedback on the educational tour. Of the two representatives, one student spoke in English and the other in Tibetan language.
There were two different groups; the second year BA and B.Com student had gone to St. Joseph’s College, Bangalore and the first year students had gone to Mysore’s Mahajana first grade college, Mysore. It was a very successful event.


September 26, a thorough campus cleaning was done. Each student contributed two hours of their time as community service. The women students made the Catering Center spick and span while their male counterpart trimmed the football ground of all weed and wild grass. The BA second year students took charge of basket ground and their 80 tree project. The second year B. Com students had to cut all the wild growth around their classroom. The Bridge Course students cleaned all the drains in the campus. It was a lot of sweat but we are now clean and green.

DLIHE Football League Championship

The institute is a couple of days into feeling the excitement about the Institute Football League Championship. The tournament began on the 21st September, 2015, and is still in progress. The final match will be on the 2nd October, 2015.Football really kept the men folk busy and healthily engaged. The main organizer of this activity is Tenzin Rigsang, lecturer in Political Science.

The Youth Discuss Democracy

On 22nd September, 2015, in the evening around 7:30 pm, three members; SonamDolkar, Nyinjey and Kalden from the Tibetan Center for Human Rights and Democracy, based in Dharamsala, held a discussion on ‘Tibetan Democracy’ with students mainly from the Tibetan Department. The much heated discussion lasted for more than three hours. When asked, Sonam Dolka said, “…this is the kind of discussion we had looked forward to. We want the Tibetan youth to appreciate the workings of our democracy, and at the same time be able to raise their voice regarding the needs for changes.”

Two Tibetan Department students hosted Tibetan poetry Nite on 28th evening. Each volunteer student had to write and then make presentation of the composition. This was to encourage writing poetry in Tibetan. Such opportunities enhance writing. Thanks to all who contributed to this special program.