Girls basketball and badminton tournaments

These were organised by girls hostel’s monitors. Teams were made based on hostel blocks. Staff female team also took part in it. It was a weeklong tournament and finally block (A) and (C) reached the final match. Block (C) won the tournament. In the badminton competition there were single and double players. For the single, winner was block(A) and block (C) was the winner of double one. The women had a great time.

Workshop on Creative Writing by Tenzin Tsundue

Tenzin Tsundue, a well known Tibetan writer and freedom activist visited the campus to give a workshop on Creative writing. This workshop took place on 25th March in the computer lab. It was given especially to those students who are taking English as a major subject. First session was on reading of poetry and second session was on the creative writing of poetry.

Interactive session with volunteers of APVIP

The Asia Plateau Volunteer/ Internship Program (APVIP), a center based in Panchgani, gives volunteer and internship opportunity for youngsters around the world with a drive to change. Seven volunteers came to the institute to have an interactive session with the students regarding what they believe in and how they change themselves. All the third year students attended these sessions on Inner development and Relationships. These were thought provoking and practical ways of introducing change starting with the self.

Training Session for GCM Players Going Strong
Training sessions for the selected students who are going to participate in the GCMGC- 2016 representing TCV United has been under way since 2nd March. Mr. Rigsang, the supervisor for this activity, is often spotted going on his bike, bringing dozens of bananas for the players. The players can be seen on the football ground practicing hard. Staff team players show their support by playing with them for practice. Soon it will be the end of this month and they’ll be on their way to win the cup.

Rituals: How and Why to do? Geshes Speak
On Saturday, 26th March, a lecture series on Tibetan Buddhist Rituals was given by three Geshela. Geshe Lobsang Choephel spoke on how and why we should recite daily prayers. Geshe Tenzin Celon talked on the advantages of prostration and water offerings. Finally Geshe Yeshe Gyaltsen spoke on the hows and whys of rituals like incense burning, hoisting prayer flags and ‘ser kem’ or wine offering. The lectures were followed by Q&A sessions.

Reported by- Dickyi Palmo(Journalism, BAI)