Live Streaming Production Workshop (17-24 August 2023)

Date: 29/08/2023

In today’s media-driven world, various platforms such as film, photography, and social media empower individuals to express opinions and tell impactful stories. The eight-day live streaming production workshop held from 17 – 24 August, 2023, at The Dalai Lama Institute for Higher Education, Bangalore, was a dynamic and informative event.

Led by Mr. Phuntsok Dorjee, TCV Head Office IT Coordinator and Technical Director of GCM Live Stream Production Unit of TNSA, alongside accomplished Documentary Filmmaker Mr. Mallikarjun, the workshop drew 47 enthusiastic participants. Notably, 37 attendees achieved an impressive 90-100% attendance rate.

Delving into critical aspects of live streaming, including camera setup, lighting techniques, audio management, and streaming platforms, the workshop offered valuable insights. Through hands-on demonstrations and expert guidance, participants gained a comprehensive understanding of delivering seamless live broadcasts, enhancing both their streaming skills and production quality.

Participants exhibiting over 90% attendance were presented with well-deserved participation certificates, recognizing their commitment to the workshop’s enriching content and experiences.