DLIHE Football League Championship
The Institute was for a couple of days put into feelings of excitement about the Football League Championship organized by Students council. The tournament began on Jan 16th and there were four teams who had participated. The main aim and objective of organizing such a tournament was to create unity and friendly environment among the students and also to select few among them for the upcoming Gyalyum Chenmo Match. Match was played between each team this whole week and finally B.Com FC v/s B.A United came to the final round on Friday, Jan 20th at 4:30pm. Finally, match went with full of excitement. Most of students assumed that B.Com United would win the match but in the turn of events, B.A United won the championship of the match with a score 1-2.

Business of Entrepreneurship Club
During the Saturday and Sunday, Entrepreneurship Club started their business of selling bread and potato for breakfast on Saturday and then dumpling at dinner the same day. They sold laphing on Sunday. They prized it Rs 50 per plate for momo, Rs 30 per plate for bread and potato and Rs 15 for laphing. It was a busy business day for them, looks like they earned some good cash in this post emonetization period.

Saturday Assembly
The DLIHE held it’s first assembly this Saturday on Jan 21st. This tradition is here to stay and it has been announced that henceforth every working Saturday will dli_saturdaybegin with an assembly. Among many objectives for this, an important one has been the necessity for the members of the institute to gather together once in a while, as we are all family of a big home here. For this assembly Mr. Tenzing Sangpo, the vice-principal, was the presider. The Student Council used the occasion to distribute prizes to the winner of football league championship.

Talk by Jacob David (January 16th-20th 2017)
Jacob David is from Bangalore and he is eager to help Tibetan as much as he can. He came here
to voluntarily talk on various topics. On Monday, Jan 16th, he talked on “Styles of writing a story lead”. On Tuesday, Jan 17th, he talked on “Business Communication” for two hours for which B-com second year students’ attendance was made mandatory. On Thursday Jan 19th, he talked on “Preparing for an interview” for one hour. The attendance was mandatory for the members of Job Club as they had organized it. On Friday, Jan 20th, he talked on “Life in a corporate”. All the sessions were held in common room and every topic was followed by question and answer session. This was such a valuable event! Still there is one more session on “Basic Law for civilians/students” to be held on Jan 24th, so it is hoped everyone will take part in it. He had also published a newspaper related to Tibetan issue titled – “In Exile”.

Inter-hostel Tibetan Debate
As a part of their academic initiatives, the Student Council organized a debate between girls and
boys hostel in Tibetan language on the motion which stated that “ Mentorship in adolescence is
more important than in childhood” on Saturday, Jan 21st. Most of the debaters were fresh faces
on the stage and they did an excellent job! Jampa Dolkar from the opposition group got the best
debater of 2017 award. She won the same award last year. However, it was the boys hostel that
won the debate as a team.