Interaction with Dr. Tashi Tsering La: 26th July, 2022: 2:30PM, AaKaMa Seminar Hall

The Dalai Lama Institute for Higher Education extends a heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Tashi Tsering la, who is a lecturer at Mount Royal University, Calgary for taking out time for a quick visit at the institute and presenting a talk on Big Five: Brief History of Technology and Institution.

It started off with the Institute’s Principal Mr. Dawa Tsering La providing the audience with a brief introduction about Dr. Tashi Tsering and the latter go about with a stimulation activity. He drew an analogy between a particular species of fish dominating a pond thus disrupting the balance of biodiversity with mankind activities gradually taking over the world and coming out as a very different species from the rest.

With this backdrop, he explored the concept of “Technology and Institution” which for many sounds more of gadgets and community space, but in fact can be understood as human practices like words, stories and human practices with law such as marriage. Talking about the major theme, he elaborated on the Big Five which are all pervasive and influential in today’s world namely, religion, state, capital, science and media. The importance of examining Big Five and the idea of “ Critical Scholarship” were discussed thereon. With this, he finished off his talk with a word of wisdom for the young scholars ( as per his word) where he emphasized upon the importance of speech, which is the only means of sharing our luminosity. Dr. Tashi Tsering stated “Speech is the earliest and the only technology that we carry with ourselves every now and then.”
On this note, the Institute’s Principal thanked the guest speaker with a token of appreciation and reiterated the significance of the Big Five in our daily lives. This very productive and meaningful engagement with the resource person was attended by the faculty members as well as the students of regular and specialized school of studies.