Talk on ” Victorian Novels”
On 16th February, 2017, Professor Venkatesh Puttaiah (Dr.), Department of English, Maharajas College, University of Mysore was invited here to talk on” Victorian Novels”. This talk was especially for the BA second year students. It was held in Computer Lab. There were two sessions and first session on Rationale and the second session from on the Role of Coincidence in Victorian novels. It was organized by English lecturer, Mr .Tsewang Paljor. Finally, the Vice Principal thanked him for his valuable talk.

Regional Tibetan Youth Congress, Bangalore, Election
On 14th February 2017, Regional Tibetan Youth Congress (RTTC) new executive members from the Dalai Lama Institute were selected. The election was hosted under the guidance of current president of RTYC in Bangalore. There were four candidates for the new executive members; two boys and two girls. Ngawang won with 43 votes and Tsering Topgyal with 49 votes. The new executive members were congratulated with white scarves. The election was conducted in fair manner. “The candidate turnout was disappointing” said one of the current executive members who wishes to remain anonymous.

Student Council Held Rehearsal for the Fundraiser Concert
On Wednesday, 15th February, the Student Council held rehearsal for the fundraiser concert to be performed at Tibetan settlement in Mundgood. Although no entrance was charged, they encouraged donations which they got quite a lot.

DLIHE Show Goes to Mungod
About 38 students led by the Student Council members went to Mungod on Feb. 17, 2016 to hold a Fundraiser Concert. The participants worked very hard to prepare several songs and dances for the concert. It is aimed at raising fund for the upcoming Losar’s expenditure.
GCM Practice has Started
Players of this upcoming GCM tournament have been selected and their practice began from Feb. 13, 2017 onwards. It is overseen by Mr. Rigsang, a lecturer in political science at the institute and sports minister of the student council. They also played a match with Christ University on Feb.16 and the DLIHE team won the match with scores of 4-2.
Indo-Tibetan Friendship Tournament
On Feb. 17, DLIHE football team went to Nelamangala for an Indo-Tibetan friendship match. There were 5 teams who had participated. Match ended up successfully with the DLIHE team’s win.

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