Final Football Match
After many rounds of kicking and getting knocked out , the various teams fell one by one. On 1st March 2016, the final match was played between Potala FC and 3rd year students. The match
was very tough and finally Potala FC won by 1 ­ 0. Both teams played superb!

GCM Selection
Those boys who will play for the upcoming GCM were selected on 2nd March 2016 under the supervision of Mr. Tenzin Rigsang, a lecturer in Political Science at the institute. In total 16
players were selected and they have already begun training everyday from 5pm till 7pm. This would be a challenging time for them as they are carrying the name of TCV. This team will
participate as TCV’s official team ‘TCV UNited’ in the forthcoming GCMGC to be held at Mundgood in early April.

VOA Show
On Friday, 4th March, 2016, there was a screening of the VOA weekly program. This time VOA show was about the the debate held between Dr.Lobsang Sangay and Mr. Penpa Tsering
for the upcoming Tibetan Sikyong election. Everyone watched it with excitement as they had waited for this debate for a long time.

Students Share Their Ideas and Suggestions
On 5th March 2016, the institute administration and the entire student body sat face to face toexchange ideas and suggestions on how to improve living and learning standards in the campus.
The event lasted for over two hours. The Student Council organised this event.
Reported by:­ Dickyi Palmo(BA 1st year­ Journalism)