EVENTS FOR FEBRUARY ( 1st three weeks)

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Here’s what happened in the last three weeks;

Beginning of the Even Semester
On February 1, 2016, the Even Semester –classes for semesters 2, 4&6 officially began. Most of the students were present.

A Month long Shabrim or Prayer for the Health of HH the Dalai Lama
From February 2, 2016 onwards, the members of the institute started meeting at 6 p.m. in the institute hall to do an hour long prayer for the speedy recovery his His Holiness’ health. This will be effective for a month. This is in accordance with the notification by the Department of Culture and Religion, CTA, to all the Tibetan communities globally.

Campus Cleaning
It is culture here to do a monthly campus cleaning every first week of the month. On Saturday, February 6, entire institute got busy in the cleaning session to refresh campus of the break’s dust and to prepare campus for the losar.
As soon as the members got together to resume the classes on February 15, once again another campus cleaning was done to prepare for the Institute’s 7th Founding Day, which was on February 16, 2016.

Losar Celebration
Though some members of the Institute went home to celebrate Losar, those who remained in the institute also came together in celebration of Losar as one big family. All the rituals and traditions were carefully observed. On the night of 29th (the second last day of a month according to Tibetan Lunar Calendar), guthuk (literally ‘noodle of the 29th), was served at the catering center for everybody. The first day of Losar saw many activities unfold such as; official function with prayers in the morning, serving of traditional sweet fried rice, changkhoel and khapsey, fun games in the afternoon, circle dance around bonfire in the evening and not to mention the special meals served through the day. The celebratory mood lingered throughout the losar break (February 7- 14).

The Institute Day
February 16, 2016 marked the 7th Founding Day of the institute. The function in the morning was graced by Dr G. Parameshwar (Honorable Home Minister of Karnataka State) as the Chief guest and Mr. Karma Damdul (Chief Representative, South Zone, CTA) and Mr. TsewangYeshi (President of TCV) as guests of honor. There were cultural performances, special meals and of course the promised contribution of rupees 10 lacs for the development of the institute library from the Chief guest.
For more information on the Institute Day, please look up the News and Events section of the institute’s website.

Secular Ethics Class
In adherence to the much needed call for the study and practice of ‘Secular Ethics’ by His Holiness, the institute is very proud to have Geshe. YeshiGyaltsen to take classes on the subject. On Saturday, February 20, he took a two hour long special class on this for the third year students. It is hoped that more and more students will take interest in and advantage of this opportunity.

Movie Night
Saturday as usual mean the ‘Movie Night’ day for the film lovers at the institute. For the first working Saturday, February 6, it was the ‘Spectre’. Those who were present really enjoyed the movie.

Ven Lobsang Ngodupcelebrates his Geshe degree with a Grand Dinner
Ven.Lobsang Ngodup was recently conferred the degree of ‘Geshe’ after long period of rigorous training and examinations. To celebrate this proud achievement, he threw a grand dinner to all the members of the institute on the night of February 20, 2016 Congrats – Geshe Lobsang Ngodup La.

Note: henceforth, there will be a weekly update of Campus Weekly every Monday.
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