Wendesday Novermber 2, 2016
dli_member_introductionThe Dalai Lama Institute for Higher Education had its Management Council meeting on 2nd Nov, 2016. The meeting was called by the DLIHE in consultation with the Chairman of the Managing Council. The meeting was Chaired by Professor K. S. Rangappa, the Honourable Vice Chancellor of the University of Mysore. The other members present at this meeting were:

  • Prof. L. Gandhi, Director, Planning, Monitoring, and Evaluation Board, (PMEB) UoM
  • Mr. S. Ramesh, Syndicate Member, UoM
  • Prof. P. Nagabhushan, Chairman of BoS DLIHE, UoM
  • Mr. Tsewang Yeshi, former President of TCV represented TCV Head Office
  • Dr. B. Tsering, Principal, DLIHE
  • Mr. Tenzing Sangpo, Vice-Principal, DLIHE
  • Geshi Dorji Gyurme, Head of Tibetan Department, DLIHE
  • Mrs. Dolkar Kyi, Head of Chinese Department, DLIHE
  • Dr. Pema Yangchen, Former Vice-Principal

The meeting started off with a Powerpoint presentation by the Principal giving the members an overview of the DLIHE.
The main agendas for the meeting were:

  1. Delegation of greater autonomy for the Specialized Programmes of the Dalai Lama Institute for Higher Education, Bangalore
  2. Upgrading of Specialized programmes at the DLIHE
  3. Expanding Regular programmes of the DLIHE

The Managing Council is constituted by the University of Mysore in collaboration with the Dalai Lama Institute for Higher Education at the time of signing the Memorandum of Understanding. This Apex body is responsible for all academic, administrative and financial aspects relating to the Undergraduate Degree programmes in the DLIHE. The members of MC are the Vice Chancellor as the Chairman, Registrar, The Director of Planning, Monitoring, and Evaluation (PMEB), Registrar of Evaluation, one member of the Syndicate and at least five members of the DLIHE including the Principal who is the member secretary. In order to effect the resolutions passed, the quorum required is eight members.