Commencement of Second Batch of Digital Marketing and Graphic Design Orientation

Date: 21st August

The Dalai Lama Institute for Higher Education began its second batc

h of Digital Marketing and Graphic Design training on August 21. This program is financed by The Tibet Fund and is done in partnership with CETS. An orientation session was organized to greet the participants, give them an overview of their upcoming five-month adventure, and introduce them to the program’s curriculum, trainer, and resources.

At 11:00 AM, the orientation session for 16 participants kicked off in the presen

ce of DLIHE Principal Dr. Tenzin Pasang, Program Director for Orbit Future Academy Mrs. Aparna Singh, and the Head Instructor Mr. Devang Singh. Everyone was welcomed by Mr. Kunga Dhoedon, the local program coordinator, who was followed by Dr. Tenzin Pasang’s welcome remarks. Mrs. Aparna Singh gave a brief overview of the program’s main features, including the curriculum’s organization, the courses’ objectives, the students’ learning outcomes, and the prospects that lay ahead in the disciplines of graphic design and digital marketing. The speaker gives the students a practical understanding of the sector by highlighting current trends and difficulties in the field of digital marketing.

The students were introduced to the trainers by the Lead Instructor Mr. Devang Singh who will be guiding them throughout the program. Followed by the presentation the instructor gave details overview instructions and guidelines of the program. Participants were also encouraged to interact with instructor and seek clarification about the program.

With this orientation, all participants embark on a new journey into the dynamic and stimulating worlds of digital marketing and graphic design.