BA Journalism Students Visits Press Club, TNIE

October 16: Second and third year students of BA Journalism visited Press Club of Bengaluru and The New Indian Express. Seven students under the guidance of our Journalism lecturer, Lobsang Kyizom left at 10am. Different organizations and parties were there for the press meet. The first press meet was held at 11:00 am. The press release was about an upcoming excursion to many different holy places across India to raise awareness about Hanuman. The second one was held by K.S.R.T.C. Staff and Workers Federation on “Wage rise and other demands.” The rest of the sessions were in Kannada.

The next visit was to The New Indian Express Group. We got a wonderful opportunity to interact with Ramu Patil, Bureau Chief at the conference hall. He introduced the routine and demands of the job. The interaction was informal so as to encourage the students to clarify their doubts by raising as many questions as possible. He said, “The first and the most important quality of a good journalist is to have interest and passion. With passion and zeal, the journalist can uncover many stories however, without interest. the journalist may be feel stressed and burdened. We also got to visit the morgue department of both the Press Club and The New Indian Express.

The day was productive as we got a real exposure about everything that we learned in the class.