Assistant Professor Geshe Tenzin Celon La Enlightens St. Paul’s College

Assistant Professor Geshe Tenzin Celon La recently graced St. Paul’s College as a guest speaker on Buddha Purnima, May 25, 2024. His enlightening discourse, “Embracing Peace in Turbulent Times,” resonated with students and faculty, offering practical insights from Buddhist teachings.

Geshe Celon’s engaging presentation and live meditation demonstration fostered connection and understanding among attendees. Notably, St. Paul’s Principal, Fr. Dr. Thomas MJ, and Vice Principal were also present, adding to the significance of the event.

Despite minor delays, the program sparked discussions for future collaborations between institutions, promising enriching opportunities for all involved.

The Dalai Lama Institute commends Geshe Celon for his inspiring contribution and looks forward to fostering further partnerships in promoting wisdom and compassion.