Visit of TCV School Heads
dli_princi_tcv_headOn the evening of November 8, all T.C.V. School Principals and Headmasters visited the Institute after they concluded their 30th Education Development Council meeting at TCV, Bylakuppe .

Their visit here was marked by many activities. On Saturday evening, the Education Director Mr. Sonam Sichoe gave an insightful talk to the students. It was very inspiring.

On Monday, November 9, Mr. NawangDorjee, a former Education Director and former Principal of DLIHE, addressed the T.C.V. School Headsd at 9: 00 am

From 10:30 to 12:30pm, there was an interactive session on ‘Rights of a Child’ by Mr. Neils Jacob Harbitz of International Law and Policy Institute, Norway.

The third session from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. was Principal, Dr. B. Tsering and Vice-Principal, Dr.  PemaYangchen. They gave a presentation on the work and activities of the Institute.

After a special lunch, students of the institute received the opportunity to interact with the heads of their alma mater. This was very fruitful session.

After dinner, a Cultural performance by students was presented to the honourable guests organized by the Student Council of the institute.

It was really good to have them here and see the reality. There were 30 members this time.

A Workshop on ‘Introduction to Human Right’

On November 10, a workshop on ‘Introduction to Human Rights’ was given by Mr. Niels Jacob harbitz of International Law and Policy Institute, Norway. Almost 40 participants, including both students and faculty members took part in this workshop which lasted for more than two hours.dli_human_workshop

The workshop served as a revision for the third year Political Science students who are almost done with their course in ‘Introduction to Human Rights’ which is a part of their syllabus. It was an orientation to the subject for first and the second year students who will take the course in the following semesters eventually, and a general knowledge for all the other participants.

The workshop ended very successfully with a brief Q&A session.

Early Grade Reading Workshop For Primary Teacher!

From 10th November 2015, a five day workshop on ‘Early Grade Reading’ for primary teachers started in the Institute’s library. There were 23 primary teachers from different TCV and CST schools and one translator. The workshop was given by a faculty member from the Delhi University. The Department of Education (DoE) of the Central Tibetan Administration organized this program.

Celebration of Deepavali!

November 11, 2015 was ‘Deepavali/Diwali’, a festival of great importance for many people of our host country, India. Participating in the mood of the celebration, some of the faculty members and students of BCA made a ‘Rangoli’, a traditional Indian pattern and design made on floors usually using color powders. Made right in front of the entrance to the academic block, it sure did attract many admirers and curious questioners. During the tea break, the Staff Welfare Committee celebrated the occasion Indian sweet- Laddoo.

Workshop for Tibetan Department Third Year Students

A four day workshop on ‘Poetry’ was given to the 3rd year students of the Tibetan Department beginning from November 14, 2015. The workshop was given by Professor TashiTsering of Central University of Tibetan Higher  Studies, Varanasi.

Movie Night

The movie for this Saturday was “The way Home”.  But due to some technical glitch, it could not download and instead of that, Dr. Pushkal screened “ Ferris Bueller’s day off”. Ferris Bueller has an uncanny skill at skipping classes and getting away with it. Intending to make one last duck out before graduation, Ferrari calls in sick, borrows a ferrari and embarks on a one day journey through the streets of Chicago. On Ferris’ trail,however, is his high school principal, Rooney, determined to catch him in the act. Though the movie “The Way Home” was much awaited for, “Ferris Bueller’s day off” did a great job entertaining the audience.

Reported by lobsangTashi (Journalism class)