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Official visit by The TCV President Mr.Sonam Sichoe and General Secretary Mr. Choeying Dhoundup

On the morning of 24th Aug, 2022 at the Ak-Ka-Ma hall, the TCV President and General Secretary briefly addressed the Institute staff and students. Gyen Choeying la, General Secretary introduced the newly elected TCV President and shared the 50+ years journey of the latter at the TCV. Gyen Sonam Sichoe la started off as a TCV Student, worked as a teacher, principal, director, education director and now is the President of TCV. Gyen la shared with the students the progression of TCV from an Orphanage to one of the largest Tibetan communities in exile. He also affirmed the motto of TCV, “ Others before Self” and never to forget about the refugee status we lived with. Towards the end, both of them briefed about the upcoming Tenshug Offering from TCV for His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama and Gyaton celebrations for Ama Jetsun Pema la in Oct, the brother-sister duo who have worked earnestly in making a home, TCV for the end number of children. With this, an hour-long session with them left a trace to students in constantly reminding about the gratitude of TCV and making the best use of provided amenities.