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We are delighted to share that the meeting of the Board of Studies (BoS) for Tibetan Studies has recognised two of our faculty as guide/ supervisors. The meeting was held 6th February 2023 in the chambers of Chairperson, Department of History at Bangalore University.
The sole agenda item was to consider approving our PhD Guides for our PhD program. The meeting was chaired by Prof K.S Vijayalakshmi (BoS Chairperson) with University nominated members, Prof Chitra Pannikar and Prof GL Parvathamma in attendance. Other members of the BoS present were DLIHE Principal Gen Dawa Tsering, Geshe Lobsang Gyaltsen, Dr Rigzin Lundup and Dr Lhamo Tso.
The meeting resolved to approve our Assistant Professors, Dr Rigzin Lhundup and Dr Lhamo Tso as PhD guides (or supervisors) for our PhD students in Tibetan Studies. With this recognition of our PhD Guides, the road is clear for us to induct a second batch of Tibetan Studies PhD candidates. We wish to congratulate Dr Rigzin la and Dr Lhamo la and wish them well in their new important role.