Degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) in Tibetan Studies

Aims and Objectives of the Research Centre

The Research Centre for Tibetan Studies was established to fulfill the vision of His. Holiness the Dalai Lama and the long-term goals of the TCV administrators spear headed by Ama Jestun Pema. The Research Centre will offer opportunities to interested students to do research on topics mentioned below under article 4. Those who successfully complete the research studies will be able to serve the needs of the community and humanity at large in an exemplary way. Through this program, the unique Tibetan culture and tradition will be studied and disseminated using modern research methodologies. The exceptional educational wisdom of the countless Tibetan scholars of several centuries ago, whose fascination was neither wealth nor fame but education and studied for the well-being of people and humanity at large. This body of ancient wisdom will be made accessible to the coming generations through such research opportunities. This new and rare research opportunity will be made available for our young learners especially those graduating from the different monastic universities and Higher Tibetan Institutions for whom this formal research opportunity becomes imperative to bring them in par with the international standards of education. Such students will now be able to pursue a Ph.D. Degree in Tibetan Studies through a modern education system and get the necessary modern certification recognized the world over.

   Research Topic

  1.  General: Tibetan Literature, Language, History, Medicine and Astrology, etc.
  2. Buddhist Studies: Pramita, Madyamika, Pramana, Abhidharma, Vinaya, Tantra, Meditation and Practice, etc.