Geshe Nyima Wangchuk (Geshe Lharampa)


Honourable Ven. Nyima Wangchuk was born in a small town called Othok in Lithang county of Tibet. His family was depending on nomadic life and was living a very simple life. When he was young, he attended a Chinese school where he studied basic Chinese, Mathematics etc. His father did not want him to attend Communist school and was convinced to drop out. Since then, he became monk and stayed in monastery for several years. In November 1990, he escaped Tibet and took refuge in India to pursue his further studies in Buddhist philosophy with rest of the monks at Drepung Monastery located at Karnataka state of south India.

In 2007, he attended in the most difficult examination after years of learning, debating and practising Buddhism. Finally, he completed all the classes and graduated with his Geshe Lharampa degree after appearing for so called ‘Geluk Great Exams’ as a distinguished  or first division student among thousands of examiners in 2012. In the same year, he continued his further studies in Tantric education at Gyutoe Monastery which is in Himachal Pradesh. There he was titled as the best Ven in tantric studies and won a huge recognition in tantric studies. After graduating all his studies, he worked in many organizations and ended up in lecturing Buddhist, Philosophy and Psychology at Dalai Lala Institute for Higher Education since from 2016.


In 1980, he joined Lithang Othok Nalanda Great vehicle monastery. There he had encountered some of his most grateful teachers including our great Lama Trulku Tenzin Delek. It was there he first received his best early education. He mastered Buddhist Philosophy, Psychology, Physical composition of Earth, ingredients of composition of inner earth, Life after death, soul and life, atom and its composition, Buddhist Maha Yoga and several other subjects such as lorig, science, study of dependency, 30 Tibetan lineage systems for seven years.

While studying at Drepung Monastery, he had interactions with world well known scientists, philosophers and scholars in   exchanging knowledge on various topics ranging from Buddhist philosophy, Buddhist science and secular ethics to global issues such as Human rights protection, environment issues, social inequality etc.

Ven Nyima Wangchuk is a book worm. He likes reading so much even at a vey tender age. He spent all his spare time reading Histories, biographies and autobiographies of great people. From 2007 to 2012, he was mostly engaged in revising what he had learnt for years.


When Ven Nyima Wangchuk was in Tibet, he took responsibilities of all the works relating to offerings that were made as the objects of worships and took over the prayer sessions for three years for the entire monastery despite of being one of the youngest. He was also one of the best from his monastery in performing traditional drama where Tibetan traditional life stories were depicted through operas. He even performed the tale of Mila Repa and Drimey Kundhen in the presence of hundreds of audiences. He became a very well-known person who was capable enough to deliver his knowledge on Tibetan traditions, skills in making offerings and Buddhist philosophy to his subordinate monks as well as to the public.

While he was studying in India, he was not only engaging in his studies, but he had taught so many students for 9 years. Those students had received their best lectures from him and many graduated successfully, they call him their teacher even today. Besides the monks from monastery, he also volunteered in teaching Tibetan language, history, Buddhist Philosophy, psychology, and secular ethics to the school going students during their two months Winter Holidays for 7 years. He also facilitated those students who came from Tibet in providing love and care, education, clothes, and food during Winter Holiday just like a parent.

Ven Nyima was elected by the local people as a representative of the community and granted the post of voluntary contributions collector regarding Tibetan Green Book for 4 years. He was selected as the head of the culture and performing arts club of Drepung Gomang Monastery and was given chance to teach Tibetan History to Mundgod Sambhota Lobta

After graduating from Gyutod Monastery as first division in tantric studies, he further pursued his 6 months computer course and completed it successfully. In 2016, he was selected as a Buddhist Philosophy and Psychology Professor at the Dalai Lama Institute for Higher Education among more than 20 contestants. Since then, he has been lecturing at this college for almost six years now and has strong will to continue teaching as long as he could.