Geshe Dorjee Gyurme (Uma Ramjampa and Geshe Tsorampa)


  • A dedicated educator with proven teaching, communication and leadership skills.
  • Proven record of strong leadership in community outreach, program curriculum planning and development with expertise in maintaining cooperative relationships with partner agencies and community members.
  • Strong professional and ethical values with complementary skills and a personal will to succeed.
  • Ability to interact and identify easily with people of all cultures.
  • Enthusiastic team player, can work independently with detail oriented and multi-tasking skills   


  • Geshe Tsokrampa (M.Phil.) in Buddhist Philosophy, Drepung Monastic University, Mundgod, Karnataka 1996
  • Master of Madhyamika Buddhist Philosophy, Buddhist School of Dialectics, Dharamsala, India.1984                                                                                                                
  • Bachelor of Buddhist Philosophy: Buddhist school of Dialectics, Dharamsala, India. 1982                                                                                                              
  • High School: Central school for Tibetans, Dalhousie, India. CBSE 1975            


  • Lecturer in Secular Ethics: The Dalai Lama Institute (DLIHE), Bengaluru 2016-till date   
  • Lecturer in Buddhist Philosophy: The Dalai Lama Institute, Bengaluru 2010-till date   
  • Instructor of Buddhist Philosophy at TCV school, Bylakuppe. 1994-2010                               
  • Tibetan language instructor at PGT level, TCV School, Bylakuppe 1994-2010


  • Member of Doctoral Committee. (DLIHE) 2021
  • Appointed chief functionary Registrar/Administrator 2021
  • Administrator DLIHE: 2018-2020
  • Chairman of ‘Board of Studies’ (BoS) Bangalore University (BU), 2019-till date
  • PG Department Head,2018-present
  • HOD: Research Centre, The Dalai Lama Institute, 2016-till date
  • Member secretary of BoS, Research Centre, The Dalai Lama Institute. 2017-till date
  • Developed a ‘Curriculum Instruction Course in Secular Ethics’ for III Year Students, Regular Program, The Dalai Lama Institute, Bangalore. 2016-2017
  • Developing Curriculum Instruction with Rules and Regulations for MA in Tibetan Studies: The Dalai Lama Institute, Bangalore, 2016-till date
  • HOD, Tibetan department, The Dalai Lama Institute, Bangalore 2010-2016
  • Developed Curriculum Instruction and Rules and Regulations for BA Honors in Tibetan Language and Literature, The Dalai Lama Institute, Bangalore 2010-2016
  • Member of BoS, Tibetan Department, The Dalai Lama Institute, Bangalore 2013-2016
  • Member of Board of Examination (BoE), The Dalai Lama Institute, Bangalore 2013-till date
  • Member of the ‘Academic Council’, The Dalai Lama Institute, Bangalore   2013-2016 –till date      
  • Mentor, Buddhist Philosophy and Tibetan Language Instruction, TCV Schools 2008-2010
  • Department Head, Tibetan Language department, TCV School, Bylakuppe 1998-2010
  • Chairman of Cultural Committee, TCV School Bylakuppe 1995-2010


  • Twenty years’ service award, TCV Head Office, Dharamsala, India 2015
  • Service extended after retirement. 2015- till date
  • Organized workshops for Buddhist Philosophy teachers of TCV Schools. 2006-2008
  • Conducted annual workshops for Tibetan Language Teachers at TCV Bylakuppe. 2004-2006           


Course Books Edited and Compiled both for Specialized and Regular Programs:

  • Compendium of Logic: I Year
  • Letter to a Friend: I Year
  • Science of Mind: II Year
  • Tenets system: II Year
  • Buddhisattva’s Way of Life-Part 1&2: II Year
  • Science of Syllogism : III Year
  • Buddhisattva’s Way of Life-Part 3&4: III Year
  • Buddhisattva’s Way of Life-Part 5: IV Year
  • A Staircase for the Bright Aspirants- An Introduction to Buddhism part I & II Regular I & II Year
  • Secular Ethics Curriculum
  • Core Text: Syllabus of Secular Ethics
  • Syllabus of M. A. in Tibetan Studies
  • Syllabus of Buddhist Philosophy -A Bouquet of White Lotus (for MA & BA in Tibetan Studies, BA/BCA/B. Com/BBA)