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We invite you to contribute submissions that consider the following questions and topics which relate to the individual, social, cultural, political, economic, family, identity of Tibetans.

Never Forget: Remembering something we never knew
Tibetans in the popular media
Refugees: Palestinians, Syrians, Tibetans
Questioning our poverty narrative
Telling Amala and Pala: I’m in love… with a …..
Decreasing fertility rates
Tibetans in Europe and North America: Refugee or diaspora?
Does citizenship dilute “The Cause”?
Agency and Assistance: Should Tibetans still pursue foreign aid?
Tibetan leadership, crucial to our success
Generation Guilt: What if I didn’t experience the traumatic transition from Tibet to India
I’m Tibetan, you’re Tibetan, we’re Tibetan: Our sameness. Our difference.
Aspiring Autonomy: What must “The State” provide?
Has education preserved Tibetan cultural and linguistic heritage?
The making of model refugees: Leadership, religion, justice and back-breaking work
Success breeds….
Tibetan Innovators and Entrepreneurs
Religious Freedom: Do Tibetans have it?
Affiliate Assimilate Accommodate
Tibetan Plus: Mixed/Blended Identity

These are only suggestions. We encourage you to come up with your own. We at the Dalai Lama Institute for Higher Education approach Being Tibetan with great enthusiasm but also with a certain urgency. We encourage proposals that ignite curiosity, that inspire other ways of thinking and that motivate participants to use the power of research to inform social, educational, and public policies, to inspire governments and to inform donors. Most importantly, through research we seek to honor the past, influence the present, and inspire the future.

Individual papers:
– Single presenter of paper with one or more authors

Maximum words: Title 15 Abstract 120 Final Paper 2000
Maximum presentation time: 18 minutes

Panels and Roundtable Discussions
Multiple papers presented, or ideas proposed in an abbreviated fashion moderated by a chair familiar with the topic
Maximum words Title 15 Abstract 120 Final Papers 2000 each Summary 500
Maximum presentation time 50 minutes

Poster Presentations
A graphic representation of research with presenter available for informal discussion during a designated time
Maximum words Title 15 Description 120
Exhibit time 50 minutes

Informal Idea Sharing/Storytelling
An interesting original idea or story that sparks curiosity and leaves your audience wanting more
Maximum words Title 15 Description 120
Maximum idea sharing time 3, 5, or 9 minutes

Performance or Visual Art Exhibit
Music, dance, visual art that interprets the theme. In addition to the title and description, performing artists should submit a short video to Vimeo. Visual artists should submit photographs. Both should submit exhibition requirements.

Maximum words Title 15 Description 120
Maximum video length 3-5 minute
Maximum photos 5 -7
Performance time 3, 5, or 9 minutes
Visual Art exhibit time duration of the conference

Submit your proposal here
Please note that presenters must register for and stay the duration of the conference.
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