The Student Council and other Student Bodies organized the following student related activities in the first week of May adding life and colour to the campus life.

May 2, 2015:

Two Community Service events wound up the first week of May.

  • The BA students planted a tree each. The aim is to adopt the tree and look after it by watering and nurturing it. In all 80 such trees will be dedicated in tribute to His Holiness’s 80th Birth Anniversary as part of the Environmental Studies project by the BA students. The students braved the hot mid day summer sun to complete the project. We thank the Construction Team for their contribution in making this project possible.
  • A weed eradication program was implemented by students of other Departments with the aim to weed out the ‘parthenium’ that plague the campus with the onslaught of the pre-monsoon rains. Each department was allotted target areas to work. Although total eradication may not be possible, this was giant step towards reducing this menace to health.