Rendezvous with Shenpenn Khymsar

On 26th February, 2021 (Friday), Shenpenn Khymsar was invited as Guest Lecturer to the college. Shenpenn Khymsar is a multi-faceted artist. He directs films. He is a photographer, rock Star, writer, poet etc. Monk and the Warrior is his production company. His most recent work Broken Wings is a feature film which intact was one of the very few films to be shot and completed during the pandemic. Broken Wings is slotted to release in one of the major streaming platforms. He wrote the screenplay, dialogue, produced, composed the entire background music and lyrics &  directed the film. The talk was organized by BA Department (Journalism). The theme of talk is Art & Life. He said that an artist is somebody who is very connected to the universe, somebody who pauses. As an artist he feels “…very connected to everything emotionally, art is reflection of society. Art is the most powerful thing…artists have creative ability to tell the truth…” He also deliberated that filmmaking is very powerful medium: filmmaking is only art forms which has all other art forms in it. The filmmaking includes writing, design, fashion, music, theatre, graphics etc. ‘…Human beings are constructions of emotional intelligence.  Acting is reacting. In performing arts there are acting techniques and voice modulation. You can make any types of film’. On language arts, he said that it is the responsibility of scholars to make it more accessible in form of cool factor that youths would like it: creativity is the most important because we are human being first before labeling ourselves as Tibetans, Buddhists, men or women etc. ‘…we are creative, so don’t lose your creativity especially in today’s world, we have to use both left brain and right brain’. On theatre and acting, he mentioned that it is never too late to do anything, “…if you look around the world the most kindness, the most empathetic human beings, the most open, the most compassionate people are usually artists. I personally think that art has that immense power to cultivate human potential, emotional intelligence, empathy.”

On life and inspiration, he held on to “…so as teachers, as faculties, as students, as passionate dreamers, it is our collective responsibility to make an environment where everybody can hone, fly and grow. This is my request to faculties, the Principal, all the teachers, whatever we teach the kids, please let us not forget to teach them how to think.” For students he cautioned, “…If you kill your dreams, if you kill your aspirations, if you kill your personal passion then you are doing a huge disservice to the world. You might fall hundred times, make sure you get up hundred and one times then nobody under the sky can stop you from achieving your dreams.”

Shenpenn Khymsar captivated around 120 audiences including a few Lecturers and HoDs for 2 hours. Q&A session took one and half hours. There was photo session too after the talk.