MARCH EVENTS ( 4th Week)

Offering of Sol-tsok.

On Friday, 18th March, Friday, the students and staff members gathered for the monthly offerings of Sol-Tsok.

Campus Cleaning

On Saturday, March 19, the entire institute got busy in the cleaning session to give a fresh look to the campus. The campus is generally clean – this due to such timely cleaning sessions.

On 19th March, the Student Council screened weekly voice of America’s Tibetan news The program that night was about the Sikyong election debate and also the program threw light on the self immolator Dorji Tsering’s funeral. Advising Tibetan youth, his mother stated, ” you young people no need to burn yourself for the sake of Tibetan and Tibet you can do more than that and please study hard and study hard”.

Another program was on Tibetan spiritual leader The 14th Dalai Lama’s return to India from USA. Many Tibetans and well wishers were eagerly waiting to receive him.

Voting Day!

20th March, 2016 was an extraordinary day for all the Tibetan people because it was the day of voting day. Therefore in college, from 9:00am to 5:00pm all students and staff members were busy voting for their Sikyong and the members of parliament.

However, out of almost 400 members of this institute, only one hundred seventy two voted. This clearly shows the lack of political consciousness and responsibility among our youth. Hopefully, education and motivation will help us rectify this issue in the future.

Reported by:Lobsang Tashi (B.A I- Journalism)