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Nestled in the outskirts of Bengaluru, the campus of over 45 acres enclosed in greenery provides students with a serene and conducive study environment that nurtures academic and personal growth of each student.

Living On Campus:

Learning never stops/ Photo: Herald

Students enjoy plenty of free time in the afternoon and evening to work on research, projects and other interests. The in-campus residence means that faculty members are available throughout the day; therefore, students can approach their respective lecturers to seek further help beyond class hour. The campus offers Wi-Fi services in the hostel and catering centre.

The institute encourages student-initiated activities including sports and academic activities through student forum such as Student Council. It is also a hub to a number of extra-curricular activities headed by faculty members that the students can sign up for, semester-wise. The college team is active and has successfully performed in various football and basketball tournaments. The campus also houses a music room where students can practice their musical skills. The Library is the Central most building and true centre for many student activities.

At DLIHE, we value our roots by celebrating our culture and traditions. Observation of Lhakar and other important days on the Tibetan calendar are crucial to us.  Introductory classes on Buddhism and meditation are held if personally requested to the concerned department. Free private tutorials on Chinese language in both beginner’s and intermediate levels are also periodically held.

Students have the choice to work on campus so that they can earn, as they learn.

The campus has a Wellness Centre which provides first-aid services, minor and urgent medical care.

DLIHE  Values:

  • Make yourselves feel at home in the institute
  • Be accepting of each other and each other’s ideas
  • No put downs; everyone is valuable
  • Laugh together, not at each other
  • Take risks in learning and question everything!
  • Participation is key to learning
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Clubs & Forums

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Language classes

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In Campus Lecturers

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Sports & Music