Our philosophy

Given the background of our situation, we realize the seminal importance of creating different educational, social, and life skill programs through staff and student initiative. Creating forums to test one’s skills and potential is the watch word because the Institute is totally residential. An educational institution without any cognitive, affective and psycho-motor stimuli would surely be a poor place to grow and flower. Therefore, the drive to have as many forums and platforms for students to venture and learn is key to our educational endeavor. The richness of campus life comes through its co-curricular activities and this must not be lost on the staff and students. Any suggestions to the contrary will be against the mission of a “holistic and integrated education” that we have enshrined in our mission statement.

The very situation of our campus away from the madding crowd places us in a unique position to see that we all collectively work together on certain essentials of our campus life. We have to clean and sweep our facilities and services such as our academic center, catering center, and the hostels and staff quarters. We must plant trees and other plants in the campus. We have to root out the weeds and plants that affect our health. We must all pitch in when we have to organize gatherings and functions. These are community services to which we must all lend a hand. This is very much a part of our educational philosophy.

Nonetheless, we are very clear on ensuring that the sanctity of choosing and the right to choose must be left with the students when it comes to their co-curricular activities. To participate or not to participate in any program must be a preserve of each student. Each student has to use his own judgment at time and take responsibility with choice rather than following the convention of attending mindlessly without any purpose.

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