The awards listed below recognize deserving candidates. The responsibility for giving an award shall be left to the respective HoDs. The team involved in handling such awards will act in a fair and transparent manner. As such, each HoD and the team must create a process for awarding prizes each year or semester. The range of awards that we have listed clearly shows our holistic approach to our educational endeavor.

1. Academic:

To recognize excellence in Academics, class toppers to be awarded.

2. Creativity:

Ability to think out of the box, (A person who generally can solve problems in a most creative manner.) Creativity here does not mean artistic creativity.

3. Leadership:

A person who has shown tremendous leadership qualities must be recognized. This does not necessarily mean holding a post as the school captain or prefects but in the sense of a student who rises to solve problems when situations demand and who has positive influence in the group.

4. Community Service:

This award for students who are conscientious and goes out of his/her way to take care of school property and always ready to serve and volunteer whenever and wherever the need is in the school.

5. Co-curricular Participation:

This award is for active students who is always ready to participate and try his/her best to in any activity that the school designs. She/he is out-going and takes risk and ventures out to try new things in school life.

6. Exceptional Attendance:

This award is for some one who is always punctual and attends class and other activities where she/he is involved with commitment and sincerely.

7. Talent:

This award is for someone who has an exceptional talent in something: Music, painting, drama, humor, inter-personal relationships, communications, writing etc. Such students must be recognized and their achievements awarded.

8. Personal Growth:

A student who has exhibited tremendous growth and change over time. A student at risk due to some influence or experience turns around and makes a dramatic improvement. Such students deserve recognition for their growth.

9. Any Unique Contribution:

We cannot measure all prizes in students’ growth and education. Therefore, if a particular student shows any unique contribution, let us recognize that too.

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