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The Student Council is the formal student elected leadership that represent the student body.  It forms the bridge between the student body and the administration. It organizes all student related off class programs on campus. It function through various committees that the student council recognizes such as cultural activities, debates, quiz competitions, seminars and games and sports programs to identify and nurture talents and provide a platform for members to develop leadership skills

The General Student Body annually elect the President. Other Cabinet members are selected by the President to assist him/her.  This is the apex Student Executive Body and form an important bridge between the student body and the Institute administration.


  1. Meet monthly to discuss various issues concerning the institution and forward suggestions to the Principal.
  2. Improve the management and activities of the institution through the Council.
  3. Develop leadership qualities in the concerned members in the process of shouldering their responsibilities.
  4. Ensure that the students uphold the student’s code of ethics and rules of discipline.
  5. Assist the Management in bringing about a healthy atmosphere and ethos in the campus.
  6. Initiate educational activities and programs in the institution with approval from the concerned Head.
  7. Maintain minutes of the meetings and submit a semester report to the Principal.